Women’s Psychotherapy Group



- “Between stimulus and the response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lie our growth and freedom.” -Victor E. Frankl

The Women’s Psychotherapy Group provides a direct practice of relational skills as well as the awareness of behavioral patterns and the belief system that keeps you stuck.  Group dynamics occur in all kinds of groups (therapeutic or not) and within a safe, supportive environment of six to eight participants who are motivated to make their relationships work more effectively.  One can explore and learn the skills to create  ‘functioning relationships'. Each individual can gain a greater understanding of herself, and a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Each member of the group will get feedback from the others, and after obtaining a clear view of how others viewed their behavior, the member is able to learn how her behavior made others feel.  This feature is one of the real strengths of the group therapy approach.  Although it is possible for the individual therapist to supply this information to a client, the great diversity of feedback from a larger group

is far more informative and powerful.


Have you ever asked yourself,  What is it like to be in relationship with you?


I love group work and my personal participation in a peer women’s group.  The group nurtures, challenges and comforts me unlike any other experience in its own unique and authentic way.




Group is 90 minutes long and commitment to the group is for 6 months.  After the initial 6 months commitment you may opt to continue or discontinue.  When you elect to discontinue you must give the group 2 sessions notice.  This gives you and the other group members time to discuss your leaving and a final session to say goodbye.


Groups meet weekly or fortnightly and are paid monthly in advance and members must pay whether they attend or not.  There are two reasons for this:

• The group is closed for 6 months so I cannot fill the spot no matter how much advance notice I have.

• This rule does wonders for attendance.


I look forward to meeting you in the group, and sharing in your journey.


Love and Laughter ….























Types of Consultation: Individual, Couples, Group and Family Therapy


Workshops and ongoing groups in relationships, and a special groups for women only, are available.


I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs with no obligation or cost to you. Please call me at 404.771.1649. I can generally return your call within 24 hrs.




Therapy sessions are reserved specifically for each client.  Continuity and reserving sessions are important for your progress.  Please notify me at least 48 hours in advance if you must cancel your appointment.  If possible we can agree on another time, preferably within a week’s period.  I will not charge you for the missed session if it is beyond the 48 hours notice.  I will not charge  for missed session once per year for extreme extenuating circumstances.  Without 48 hours advanced notice, I charge for the session since I cannot use it to see another client.  I will give you several weeks notice of my vacations and ask that you do the same.  Termination should be discussed in full.  Generally, a termination that gradually tapers off therapy is advisable. You may pay weekly, preferably at the beginning of each session, or at the beginning of each month.  Special arrangements may be made by mutual agreement.  Please be aware that I do not accept insurance, however, I am willing to work within your budget. You will be charged a $25 service charge for returned checks.


Your fee is sufficient payment.  For sake of your growth, I do not accept gifts for holidays or special events, nor socialize at social gatherings.



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