Relational Wisdom


- Every day this week ask yourself: What can I do today

  to love my partner the way he/she wants and needs to

  be loved? And then do it!



- You must give what you expect to get!!!



- Pathway to intimacy … you must be able to:

  have ownership to your actions/words, be able to

  show vulnerability, have compassion.  Only

  compassion for the other’s vulnerabilities improves

  relationship and connection.



- Your soul mate always shows up present! You do not need to fight for their attention …

  experience me, understand me, respond appropriately to me … if you are doing this after 10

  years he/she is NOT your soul mate … we do the above at the beginning of the relationship!



- Divorce does not solve marriage problems.  You can get rid of the partner, but you keep your

  own problems, pulling them along into the next relationship.



- Your mission in a relationship is not what you do … but the difference you make!



- Where energy goes, energy grows!! Remember … energy follows attention.



- “Your actions in a relationship are your only possessions.” - Lao Ste



- “F-E-A-R has two meanings: Forget Everything And RUN or Face Everything And RISE.”

                                                                                                                                             - Zig Ziglar



- Take your relationship to the next level and transform your conflict into opportunities for

  deep understanding and connection.



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