Couples Consultation - connection, compassion, love and joyful aliveness are ultimate goals.  Most couples come to therapy because of a breakdown, on some level, in communication. This may show itself in repetitive arguments, an unsatisfactory sexual relationship or a growing sense of separateness or isolation. I work with many couples mostly using Imago Relational Therapy, which brings together Psychology, the Behavioral Sciences, the Western Spiritual Traditions, and some elements of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Psychotherapy, System Theory, and Cognitive Therapy. These processes help each partner discover the expectations they bring to their relationship, and understand their behavior patterns of relating. Good communication means being able to talk to each other clearly, and knowing that each is being heard. Communication skills and listening skills are practiced to enhance being heard, validated, and empathized with. Disagreements and differences become opportunities to discover where they originate. They also provide an opportunity for growth and deepening the intimacy as you choose to be more vulnerable with your partner. Couples do not solve problems in IMAGO, they dissolve them. I teach couples the single most effective tool available … to create breakthroughs in their relationship, that result in higher levels of loving and passion. Premarital Counseling Private Pre-Marital Workshop Six sessions 1.5 hours True love does exist. It just needs a little guidance. There is conflict in even the best of marriages, but believe it or not, conflict can help your relationship grow… because conflict is growth trying to happen. You have probably heard that communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. Well, it is true. We are all motivated by the need to be heard and understood. The Private Pre-Marital Workshop will introduce you to the most important communication tool you will ever use: the Imago Dialogue. The Imago Dialogue it is a simple, respectful and effective way to talk with your partner about the things that really matter. It will help you share your thoughts and feelings with your partner while ensuring that you feel completely heard and understood. Most importantly, it reminds you that you are marrying someone who does not necessarily share all of your thoughts and opinions; and this is crucial to understanding your partner’s point of view. Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful, but the stress does not end there. The Imago Dialogue invites, creates and preserves a feeling of connection to your partner even during the most stressful of times. Simply put - it is an amazingly powerful tool that you can’t go without! In just a matter of hours you will: • Learn the important conversations you need to have before you say “I do.” • Learn how to listen to your partner, and how to stay connected even when there’s conflict. • Learn how to outsmart the number one relationship killer: negativity and blame. • Learn to be your partner’s advocate, and create a vision for you relationship. Collective Wedding Tips from Imago Relationships Therapists: 1. You are your partner’s advocate and advocates don’t criticize or blame. 2. You will be dealing with each other’s families for the rest of your lives together, so take a moment to ask yourself: “Am I treating my partner’s family the way I would want my partner to treat mine?” 3. Couples can get themselves deeply in debt paying for a wedding and then spend years digging themselves out. Develop a realistic budget and stick to it. You do not want to start your marriage off in debt. 4. So you have an annoying, over-involved family member? Maybe more than one? Give them small roles that honor them; like a greeter at the ceremony - or the person who introduces the new couple at the reception. It is easier then shutting them out. 5. Keep your sense of humor. Laugh together. You have a long, rich life ahead of you - start enjoying it today! 6. When in doubt - remember Tip #1. Love & Laughter... .............................................................................................................................................................................. Types of Consultation: Individual, Couples, Group and Family Therapy Workshops and ongoing groups in relationships, and a special groups for women only, are available. I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs with no obligation or cost to you. Please call me at 404.771.1649. I can generally return your call within 24 hrs. TERMS Therapy sessions are reserved specifically for each client. Continuity and reserving sessions are important for your progress. Please notify me at least 48 hours in advance if you must cancel your appointment. If possible we can agree on another time, preferably within a week’s period. I will not charge you for the missed session if it is beyond the 48 hours notice. I will not charge for missed session once per year for extreme extenuating circumstances. Without 48 hours advanced notice, I charge for the session since I cannot use it to see another client. I will give you several weeks notice of my vacations and ask that you do the same. Termination should be discussed in full. Generally, a termination that gradually tapers off therapy is advisable. You may pay weekly, preferably at the beginning of each session, or at the beginning of each month. Special arrangements may be made by mutual agreement. Please be aware that I do not accept insurance, however, I am willing to work within your budget.You will be charged a $25 service charge for returned checks. Your fee is sufficient payment. For sake of your growth, I do not accept gifts for holidays or special events, nor socialize at social gatherings.

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