I did not think it would be difficult to write about myself but it is!! I am sure that I experience myself differently to how my husband, my friends, colleagues and my clients experience me … or maybe not.  As I am writing this I have no testimonials from my clients yet, so I am curious ... their description of me is going to be objective and my own description is subjective, so I could have some blind spots!


I know I am passionate, loving, warm, insightful, down to earth and intensely curious about people and our world.  I also know that close intimate relationships, social and professional relationships, are my lessons ‘about me’ when I allow myself the joy and the pain of being in one.


I know I am direct and powerful in my approach in challenging individuals to honor the importance of healthy communicating.  I am also naturally intuitive and have a sense of humor, which creates the perfect recipe for encouraging self awareness and developing knowledge, to eliminate stress and sadness and welcome love and connection, and to help build meaningful respectful relationships.


I grew up in Poland, in my 20’s after graduating from University, I emigrated to London UK.  In 2007, I moved to Peachtree City, GA due to my husband’s career.  I love the southern hospitality, the weather, the resort living, the abundance of flowers, flowering trees, the birds - especially hummingbirds. I have a dozen feeders so the birds are all around our house doing what they do the best: dancing in the air, fighting in the air, making funny noises and mating.  Watching hummingbirds and meditating on my back porch is my idea of heaven.  Vipassana meditation helps me to be present and live my life in the moment, rather than in yesterday or tomorrow.  It has made me aware of the changing nature of body and mind, and allows me to experience the universal truths of impermanence, that all is passing and nothing is permanent. Love it!! In 2019 we moved to League City, TX, between Houston and Galveston.


My personal relationship with my husband, of over two

decades, has played the most significant part of the change in

me, and consequently influences my work with couples and

individuals.  The two most important values for me are LOVE

& LAUGHTER - not just in my marriage but in all areas of my

life, it is important to me to be congruent, transparent, and

walk my talk.  My marriage has been rich and meaningful.

I have known a great deal of joy and peace, the handmaidens

of inner freedom.  When I married my husband I understood

the word love intellectually, and now I know how to live it, as

he is showing me daily!


In 2020 we lost our beloved fur baby, Charley, to a very short

illness. Thankfully she passed away at home in her own time!

Aston is till very much a part of our family, sometimes even a

part of the session.  If you prefer that he stay separate from

you, just say the word.


My training is extensive, I say this because I have education + supervision + experience + my own psycotherapy.  I earned my postgraduate degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy at CCPE (Center for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) in London, UK and my M.A. degree in *Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy from De Montfort University, UK.  In addition to these degrees, I have trained and earned certifications in *NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and *Imago Relationship Therapy.  I am committed to continuing extensive further education & training in the areas of work which are of greatest of interest to me.


I see my work as embracing and integrating Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Mindfulness and the up-to-date research in Corroborating Disciplines, such as the Social Sciences, Neuropsychology and Consciousness studies.


My therapy style is direct and interactive, a collaboration of your soul and mine.  My approach is highly personal and not for everyone.


I hope that you find my bio inviting, and enjoy the rest of the website.  If you are curious to meet me, and my dog, and begin the ‘journey’

with me as your guide, please get in touch.  Though at times the journey may get dark, do not worry, I will hold the light for you.


Love & Laughter…





* Transpersonal psychotherapy seeks to expand consciousness beyond the usual boundaries of ego personality.  Transpersonal work is not about learning something new but unlearning distorted knowledge already acquired. Carl Gustav Jung is one of the most influential figures in the transpersonal movement.


* Imago Relationship Therapy, created by Harville Hendrix, Ph. D., best selling author of Getting The Love You Want, offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to committed love relationships, developed from study of couples, and integrating ideas from major western psychological, spiritual and scientific traditions.


* NLP - Neuro-linguistic programing is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by R. Bandler and J. Grinder.  Its creators claim a connection between the neurological process(“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience(“programing”) and that these can be change to achieve specific goals in life.





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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

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